How We Are Different

In the first place, we are different because we’ve sat on your side of the table. We have suffered the frustrations of working with average agencies and consultants. Our first and foremost goal is to deliver the service you need. Our own business model and rewards follow naturally and only from this.

Hands-on, High Quality Service

Hands-on, High Quality Service

We work with a limited number of clients in a very hands-on way. We are an outsourced and skilled team who work with an in-house mentality. We will only take you on as clients if we are passionate about working with you and believe we can significantly improve your business.

All our clients have a direct and ongoing relationship with one of our key directors. The same person who pitches to you works with you and takes direct responsibility for the results our team delivers.

Finally our hands on service means that we can execute every part of our work as needed. Whilst inspired ideas are a very important part of our service, ultimately we are only satisfied by making things actually happen that improve your bottom line.

Unique Skills Fusion

Unique Skills Fusion

The following areas represent the skills, expertise and techniques blended to create the Intergreater approach.


Fifteen years of building digital brands through effective and focused strategies.


Creating fast and functional cross-device websites that deliver great user experience.


Producing bespoke and engaging content that is searched for, shared and enjoyed.


Illustrating websites with graphics, images and multimedia that brings a brand to life.


Using data to constantly measure, refine and improve the strategies we employ.

This unique combination of skills allows us to examine every area of your business and deliver a 360° strategy. At the same time each different area feeds into the next in a continuous cycle of feedback and improvement.

Integrated Content Marketing

Inspired Integrated Marketing

We seek to bring out the inspiration behind your brand in all that we do. This helps us make your products and your marketing more effective and it makes our work together passionate and enjoyable from the get go.

We deliver results for your business by funnelling this inspired brand identity into content that your customers want to read and share. We market that content by integrating effective search engine, social media and PR techniques. The integration of these channels greatly reduces your costs, improves the quality of your brand and the results for your business.

Empowering You

Client service graphic

The passion that drives Intergreater is not just about improving the performance of our clients, but making that improvement sustainable within your business.

We do this by integrating all the parts of your team in the marketing effort and ensuring the thought processes, skills and tools we use become part of your everyday approach. By doing this we ensure that what we do is transparent, that you understand the value of our work and can replicate it to a high standard. This improves internal skills and reduces costs.

We believe in this empowering approach partly because of the benefits it provides to our clients and partly because the type of marketing we undertake relies on the passion and industry-specific knowledge of your business. We can only maximise results when collaboration is at the heart of our relationship.

Start-up Mentality

Start-up Mentality

20% of our clients are start-ups.

We help companies find their passion, to authentically express why they do what they do, and nowhere is this simpler or more fruitful than with start-up companies. By shaping your brand and culture early on, sharing our expertise and instilling integrated marketing techniques, we can deliver long term benefits.

We are lucky enough to know and work with some of the world’s top start ups. This fits our passions of doing meaningful and impactful work as these companies are aiming to reach ambitious goals and transform entire industries.

Collaborating with flexible, imaginative people hungry for change and growth not only matches our guiding values but breathes new life into them as well. It charges us with a need for constant improvement and instils a culture of always thinking differently.

Now that you’ve read what makes Intergreater different, get in touch to see how we improve the performance of your business.