Design and Content Marketing

Design and content are the clearest ways of communicating the quality and integrity of your brand.

Strategy and development are what drive the delivery of great user experience, but what brings users to your site and keeps them coming back is the quality of your design and content.

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Content Marketing

Creating great content for your website is about more than writing effective sales copy or product guides. Content marketing is about attracting and retaining customers by creating useful, entertaining and fun content that speaks to them about their interests and lets them know you share their passions.

We have created a detailed guide to Content Marketing on our blog, but the benefits of it are clear. Firstly it allows you to diversify your sources of traffic by creating content that is attractive to search engines and for sharing on social media. Secondly it gives you a greater level of engagement with customers than traditional advertising by tapping into their interests.

At Intergreater our purpose is to help you create great content. Content that tells the story of your brand and communicates it more effectively.


Great design is important to both your website and the content it hosts. Attractive eye-catching design won’t just get people’s attention, it will convince them that your brand is prestigious, trustworthy and professional.

Content that features images or video is far more likely to engage users than just text alone. On Facebook, posts containing an image account for 93% of the most shared, liked and commented news stories. A survey of online customers also found that high quality images were the most important factor in the way a product was presented, ahead of descriptions, related information and reviews.

We believe for that your content to be truly effective, the quality of the design has to match the ingenuity of the ideas.

The Benefits For Your Business:

  • Increased, targeted SEO and social traffic
  • Increased customer acquisition and retention
  • Improved ROI from related PR, sales and marketing work
  • Positive marketing cycle: Action > conversation > improvement > Action

How We Work

Phase 1: Inspired Content Strategy

To create content of value, content that starts a conversation, you need to be just as interested in the things you are talking about as the people you are trying to engage. Unlocking the passion that underpins your brand is the first and most important step towards great content marketing. This collaborative work is normally undertaken during the strategy phase.

Phase 2: Keyword and Content Planning

In order to be effective, the content you create must reach the right kind of audience. During the planning phase, we look at:

  • Targeting:
    Finding the right content for the right audience.
  • SEO:
    Mapping content to keywords and onsite optimisation to maximise natural search traffic.
  • Sharing Optimisation:
    Generating ideas for content that we know works, that is original and that can be topical while having longer term value.
  • Conversion and retention:
    Opt in email lists, follow buttons and calls-to-action.

Phase 3: Content Creation

Content creation involves three key areas:

  • Ideation:
    Generating ideas that are original, informative and fun that still find the crossover between the interests of the audience and the passion behind the business.
  • Writing:
    Writing in-depth, well-researched and authoritative copy, that is attractive to search engines. Thin content with recycled information offers little SEO benefit, whereas long format content offers a great chance to give value to readers.
  • Illustration:
    Illustrating with eye-catching images and graphics that improve engagement and are highly shareable. This improves the quality of the content, widens the potential audience and expands the number of sites the content can be promoted on.

Phase 4: Outreach

The greatest content in the world can still fail if it isn’t promoted. The lifecycle of promotion starts early and continues always:

  • Involvement in ideation:
    Before we launch any serious piece of content, we will reach out to key target bloggers, press or other promoters and get some feedback. This validates and improves the content we release and it starts the relationship building cycle.
  • Prospecting:
    For each niche audience we target, there may be hundreds or even thousands of high quality bloggers, vendors, experts, enthusiasts and others who may be hungry to share or talk about our work. Using advanced research techniques, we find these people.
  • Continual Relationship Building:
    We use twitter to develop relationships with the community we are sharing with. We follow and engage with our our fellow enthusiasts in the run up to promotion and beyond.
  • Promotion:
    We reach out to enthusiasts to promote the content we have produced. We do this through a variety of channels and keep up the dialogue. This process has no end, but we focus in particular on the first month after a new major piece of content is released.

If you need rich content and eye-catching design that converts effectively, get in touch today to work together with us.