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Inbound marketing engages customer interest by demonstrating value and becoming part of a conversation. This is highly effective in the digital age as the vast majority of web users’ time and attention goes to inbound channels – blogs we want to read and comment on, social media that inspires us to engage, search results we choose to click on etc.

The crux of our inbound marketing work revolves around creating valuable, shareable content. The brand identity we have created during the strategy and development phases makes this content even more effective. We use our 10 years of SEO and online marketing expertise to deliver tangible results from this work – new customers and increased revenue per user.

We believe that the greatest cost efficiencies and the best results come from integration: the involvement of all marketing channels in a collaborative process and the involvement of your team in our work. In particular we will work work closely with any PR resources you have in place and we will train up your sales, marketing and content teams to take on key elements of the inbound and content marketing process over time.

The Benefits For Your Business:

  • Increased, targeted traffic (in particular via SEO and social media)
  • Increased customer acquisition and retention
  • Improved ROI from PR and from sales and marketing work
  • Positive marketing cycle: Action > conversation > improvement > Action

How We Work

Phase 1: Inspired Content Strategy

To create content of value, to be involved in a conversation, you need to be just as interested in the things you are talking about as the people you are trying to engage. Unlocking the passion that underpins your brand is the first (and most important) step towards doing great content marketing. This collaborative work is normally undertaken during the strategy phase.

Phase 2: Keyword and Content Planning

In order to be effective, the content you create must ultimately bring in the customers you need. During the planning phase, we look at:

  • Targeting:
    Association of content to key customer audiences.
  • SEO:
    Mapping of content to keywords and onsite optimisation to maximise natural search traffic.
  • Sharing Optimisation:
    What types of content do key influencers share? What will be of interest but has yet to be covered? What content can be given a topical angle whilst having an evergreen lifecycle?
  • Conversion:
    Opt in email or other forms of data capture.

Phase 3: Outreach

The greatest content in the world can still fail if it isn’t promoted. The lifecycle of promotion starts early and continues always:

  • Involvement in ideation:
    Before we launch any serious piece of content, we will reach out to key target bloggers, press or other promoters and get some feedback. This validates and improves the content we release and it starts the relationship building cycle.
  • Prospecting:
    For each niche audience we target, there may be hundreds or even thousands of high quality bloggers, vendors, experts, enthusiasts and others who may be hungry to share or talk about our work. Using advanced research techniques, we find these people.
  • Continual Relationship Building:
    We use twitter to develop relationships with the community we are sharing with. We follow and engage with our ‘prospects’ (our fellow enthusiasts) in the run up to promotion and on an ongoing basis.
  • Promotion:
    We reach out to our ‘prospects’ to promote the content we have produced. We do this through a variety of channels and keep up the dialogue. This process has no end, but we focus in particular on the first month after a new major piece of content is released.

Are you looking to do powerful online marketing? Get in touch today to start engaging, acquiring and maximising revenues from your target customers.