Digital Marketing Projects

Below are several digital marketing projects Intergreater has worked on over the past two years, ranging from full redesigns to rebranding and strategic consulting.

Video CV Project - Inspiring Interns - thumbnail

Video CV Project - Inspiring Interns

We worked together with Inspiring Interns to create The Ultimate Guide to Video CVs, an infographic to help explain video CVs to graduates and promote the Inspiring brand.

Eden Rock Group Websites - thumbnail

Eden Rock Group Websites

We redesigned several websites for investment group Eden Rock to improve their organisation, style and brand consistency.

NeedFunding Website - thumbnail

NeedFunding Website

We completely redesigned the NeedFunding site with new branding and copy with clear calls to action, responsive design and a video presentation.

New Puma Hotels Website - thumbnail

New Puma Hotels Website

The new Puma Hotels website features a simplified booking widget, responsive design - enhanced for mobile and tablet use - as well as a complete rebranding and fresh look.

CV Business Rescue Website - thumbnail

CV Business Rescue Website

CV Business Rescue needed a brand new website that could convey their professionalism, reassure visitors and prompt them to get in touch with clear calls to action.

Adbrain - thumbnail


We advised Adbrain on how to maximise the launch of their product and website from a content marketing and SEO perspective. We have also supported their ongoing content marketing efforts as well as training their team in best practice.

M.P. Levene Website - thumbnail

M.P. Levene Website

We designed a new site for M.P. Levene, a London-based antiques dealer, that featured improved navigation, optimized content, a modern design with classic elements and e-commerce functionality tailored to their business.