New NeedFunding Website Project

NeedFunding offer solutions to companies looking for new or more competitive sources of funding. They needed a site that communicated their professionalism, their experience in the funding market and the range of services that they could provide to both businesses and intermediaries.

NeedFunding Branding

Their original site had little in the way of branding and imagery, so as well as building a new site, we created a consistent visual style, logo and colour scheme that was attractive and could be replicated throughout their online presence.

NeedFunding home page

This rebranding extended to the content with the development of straplines, copy and language that was welcoming but professional.

Calls To Action

Each page features a header with a callback button and phone number that follows the user as they scroll down, keeping these key points of communication at the forefront of the message.

NeedFunding fixed header element

The footer also contains a prominent phone number, as well as buttons that prompt the user to apply for an online quote.

NeedFunding footer

Video Presentation

The homepage features a video which encompasses the overall branding, message and key sales points in a sixty second presentation with voiceover. This offers users more comfortable with multimedia to understand the key features without browsing the entire site.

NeedFunding video screenshot 1NeedFunding video screenshot 2NeedFunding video screenshot 3NeedFunding video screenshot 4NeedFunding video screenshot 5NeedFunding video screenshot 6NeedFunding video screenshot 7NeedFunding video screenshot 8NeedFunding video screenshot 9

Case Studies Carousel

Key results across a number of industries are presented within eye-catching design elements. Visitors can quickly get a better idea of the diverse range of clients that NeedFunding has worked with and helped.

NeedFunding case studies

Search and Content

As well as optimising the content and metadata, landing pages were created for each service that featured a Question and Answer format to explain them to visitors with no experience of using external funding.