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During the strategy phase, we shape a clear understanding of how we will be marketing your brand, and to whom. At the end of that phase we will make recommendations on how your website or other digital products need to be improved. Getting your web site and other products right is an essential part of our marketing process.

So now, we proceed with the build phase, working either together with your in-house team or independently as required. We have over 15 years of specialist web business and software development experience and we ensure that all critical areas are discussed, planned and then built to spec. We liken this process to the role of an expert architect and we believe it is essential for delivering outstanding software products.

The benefits of using us to help with your product development include:

  • Fully managed projects, fast turn around, fixed costs
  • Responsive Design (websites that work for desktop, tablet and mobiles)
  • Search Engine optimised products
  • Strong user experience
  • Simple tools to manage and extend your products

Recent Projects

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How We Work

Phase 1: Bringing the passion into your products

Our end goal is to create powerful content that engages your customers and to do this we need to breathe passion into your content. This can only happen effectively if your brand identity also reflects the passions you share with your audience. So we start by creating flat mock-ups for your web site and blog that reflect this impassioned brand identity. Typically this work is carried out during the strategy phase.

Phase 2: Detailed planning and specification (particularly for major builds)

In particular when doing major product redesigns, we work you to clarify your overall short term and long-term objectives. We also discuss marketing, content management, data and technology considerations to make sure we capture all requirements. At the end of the phase we deliver a full spec and typically this will include:

  • An SEO and conversion rate audit of any related existing products
  • A full future site map, information architecture and search engine related strategy
  • Content management software and features
  • Design approach including target devices / browsers
  • Technology approach including required software and server set-up
  • Wireframes for the homepage and any key conversion rate pages (e.g. booking pages)
  • Project management process / timescales and fixed costs for delivery

Phase 3: Build Process

  • Wireframes for all remaining pages
  • Build of the agreed design, functionality and content management systems on a private test site
  • Regular updates and components released to you for testing
  • Future server set up and rigorous testing by us
  • Completion of the final site and its release for functionality, browser, device and speed testing (collaborative)

Phase 4: Go Live

  • Technical actions to ensure optimal search engine performance
  • Turn on new content management and tracking systems
  • Further checks of functionality and speed in the live environment

If you’re looking for a website that is effective across all devices, maximizes your business performance and looks great, contact us now about working together.